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What is Acupuncture

What is Acupuncture?

Treatments for Circulatory-disorders Many people believe that Acupuncture treatment is something that was originated outside India. However, it will be very surprising to know that this was a practice that has been under practice in India since Ancient times. It was originally known as Such Vaidya/Chikitsa and was described as a part of Suchi Veda. The warrior from the great Indian epic Mahabharatha, Arjuna has used the same principle of acupuncture points in order to keep the Beeshmacharya alive until the arrival of Uttharayana Mahaghadiya.

What should I know about Acupuncture?

There are not many people who are aware of the health benefits of this drug-less therapy (No drugs/Chemicals are used in Acupuncture Treatment). The disease/ailment is identified with the help of pulse diagnosis and thereby the main underlying cause of the condition is removed from the roots.

Treatments for Circulatory-disorders

Treatments for Circulatory-disorders

Treatments for Circulatory-disorders

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The Technique:

Needles that are in micro-size(see the needle comparison image by clicking here), are inserted skill-fully into specific points on the body to activate some or many of 72,000 nerve currents, which further regulates a proper flow of the life energy, Prana, inside the body. In addition to this, natural chemicals from the brain called endorphins are released to eradicate toxic elements from the body. Which, in-turn enhances the functioning of the immune system. Pain Relief: A natural substance called OPIOD is released to reduce the pains in various regions of the body.

Concept of Chakras:

When needles are inserted, the neuro-transmitters in the body are stimulated to activate normal functioning of the whole body. At the same time, the Seven energy Centres in the body known as the Seven Chakras(Mooladhara, Swadhishta, Manipoora, Anaahatha, Vishuddhi, Agna & Sahasrara), are activated. There by, increasing the body’s ability to receive the Universal Cosmic energy into the body. When such cosmic energy is entered into a person, his/her pranic levels are increased enhancing his immune power, transforming him/her into a joyous and pleasant person with inner peace and harmony.

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Chinese Theory of Acupuncture:

The acupuncture treatment has been recommended by WHO and which has been researched under the guidance of NIH(National Institute of Health), Food and Drug Administration(FDA) had come into light with the increased awareness of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the past few decades across the globe. The classic textbooks on Acupuncture explain about 365 Acupuncture points on the body.

As explained above, the whole treatment is based on the Prana(Life energy) that is known as Qi(pronounced as Chi) that flows in our human body.

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), this Qi flows in our body in 12 designated channels called meridians. The energy is maximized in each type of meridian for 2 hours each, covering the 24 hour period of a day by completing one cycle after flowing through the 12 paired channels. Each channel is linked to and originated from one particular organ in the human body, which is also linked with a type of tissue and a sensory organ. The twelve meridians are categorized into six Yin and six Yang channels. One Yin andone Yang channel are coupled together as one pair.

Chinese Theory of Acupuncture:

Due to the factors such as Long-term disease conditions, Stress, Tensions, Lack of sleep, sudden change in climate, etc, lead to blockades in these energy meridians, which further results in various types of ailments?

Based on this pathological principle, Acupuncture needles are used to clear the blocks in-order to re-establish a healthy flow of energy throughout the organs of the body. In this way, the individual is naturally healed from his/her condition. The most benefit-able factor in this method of treatment is that the root cause of the problem is cleared by unblocking the channels. That means, the treatment is not given just to the arising symptoms, which is the promising factor of the Acupuncture.

Initial Diagnosis:

In order to identify the above mentioned blocks in the meridians; Eyes, Nails, Tongue and Pulse on the hand is observed. In addition to which recently developed Acupuncture meridian scanner and similar equipment are used to scan and report a detailed status of all the meridians.With the help of such methods, disease is identified and treated without many internal/external investigations such as blood tests, X-rays, etc.

Commonly Treated Conditions:

Acupuncture can treat conditions such as Diabetes Mellitus, B.P, Thyroid Problems, Arthritis, Spondilitis, Epilepsy(Fits), Migraine, Constipation, Menstruation disorders in women, Hormonal problems, Obesity, Kidney Failure, Paralysis, Lower/Upper back ache, Knee/Joint pains, Respiratory disorders, Impotence, Sexual disorders, Depression and many others. Fertility problems can also be resolved completely with the help of Acupuncture.

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